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March 15, 2024
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  • Sanjib Kalita, head of industry at Fintech Meetup and CEO at, discusses revolutionizing the fintech industry through connectivity and collaboration.
  • The impact of digitization, electronification of payments, and event tech growth are highlighted during the discussion.

In a recent interview, Sanjib Kalita, head of industry at Fintech Meetup and CEO at, shared insights on revolutionizing how the fintech industry connects, collaborates, and does business. With nearly 30 years of experience in the technology sector, Kalita discussed his journey from designing computer chips at Intel to his current role in leading fintech events.

During the discussion, Kalita emphasized the impact of increased digitization, the electronification of payments, and other accelerators driven by the pandemic on the fintech industry. He also touched on the growth of event tech and the importance of finding the right solutions for events to enhance connectivity and collaboration.

One key takeaway from the interview was Kalita’s insider perspective on event planning, including accommodating 175 speakers, utilizing RFID tags, and prioritizing networking opportunities. Overall, the discussion shed light on the evolving landscape of the fintech industry and the role of events in driving innovation and business growth.

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