Gen Z workers prefer DailyPay for on-demand pay options.

March 25, 2024
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  • Gen Z hourly workers prefer on-demand pay options for financial security.
  • Most Gen Z workers like their job, with financial security being a top motivator.

Article Summary:

Gen Z hourly workers, aged 18-27, are increasingly preferring on-demand pay options for financial security, according to a survey by The Harris Poll commissioned by DailyPay. While 73% of Gen Z workers like or love their current job, financial security remains the driving force for many. The survey highlighted that getting paid and having a sense of accomplishment are top motivators for Gen Z workers, alongside working towards career goals, having a sense of purpose, and making a positive impact. More than half of the Gen Z workers feel motivated to succeed, proud of their work, and bring their best selves to work every day. Money is the leading factor that drives these workers to succeed, but they are also motivated by good relationships with colleagues, opportunities for advancement, and health benefits.

The survey found that 70% of Gen Z hourly workers feel most motivated to do a good job when they are paid well. Additionally, many workers prefer the option to have access to their pay after each shift rather than waiting for a traditional pay period. On-demand pay helps these workers pay bills on time, avoid payday loans, and late fees. Over 82% of hourly workers with access to on-demand pay consider it one of their favorite benefits. Stacy Greiner, COO at DailyPay, emphasized the positive impact of having choice and control over pay for Gen Z workers.

DailyPay, Inc. is a fintech company that offers on-demand pay solutions to help employees feel motivated, work harder, and support their financial wellness. The survey was conducted online in the US by The Harris Poll among employed adults, with a focus on Gen Z hourly workers, and the data is accurate within +/- 3.5 percentage points. Overall, the survey reveals the importance and preference for on-demand pay options among Gen Z workers for financial stability and job satisfaction.

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