Levenue boosts growth with acquisition of MidFunder in Switzerland.

March 15, 2024
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  • Levenue acquires MidFunder to accelerate growth in Switzerland
  • The acquisition expands Levenue’s financing marketplace presence in Europe, especially in Switzerland

Levenue, Europe’s largest revenue-based financing company, has acquired Zurich-based FinTech MidFunder to accelerate its growth in Switzerland. The agreement is poised to expand Levenue’s financing marketplace presence across Europe, where it currently serves subscription-based companies in 16 countries, broadening its reach significantly. Furthermore, Switzerland’s position as a unique market across the EU landscape made the deal highly sought after for Levenue.

Benjamin Rieder, CEO & co-founder of Levenue, explained that acquiring MidFunder, a self-regulated company with a remarkably similar mindset, tech stack, and business model, presented an amazing opportunity to accelerate and solidify operations in Switzerland. The move aims to revolutionize the way businesses are analyzed and financed in Switzerland and beyond.

MidFunder, originally focused on crowdfunding for SMEs, transitioned to become a revenue-based financing platform for digital businesses. The acquisition is seen as a strategic move to strengthen Levenue’s presence in Switzerland and provide innovative financing solutions to businesses in the region.

Patrick Frei, founder of MidFunder, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting the shared mission of providing a new way of funding for businesses without dilution. The acquisition is expected to impact business financing in Switzerland positively and contribute to reshaping the landscape of the market.

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