Introducing Wayne Lloyd, Smarter Contracts Founder and CEO extraordinaire.

March 20, 2024
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  • Wayne Lloyd is the founder and CEO of Smarter Contracts, builders of the blockchain protocol powering consent and permissions management platform, Pulse.
  • Recent achievements include closing £2.65 million in funding, launching a new version of Pulse, and signing contracts with prominent companies.

In a recent article, Wayne Lloyd, the founder and CEO of Smarter Contracts, discussed his journey in the fintech industry. Smarter Contracts has developed Pulse, a blockchain and machine learning-based permissions management platform that aims to enhance data ethics and AI governance. The company recently closed a significant funding round and launched a new version of Pulse with a marketing and PR agency called BIG little LDN. Smarter Contracts has also signed contracts with an SME lender and a healthcare company, showcasing a growing demand for their services.

Wayne Lloyd got into the fintech industry through his interest in crypto and blockchain technology back in 2016. He saw the potential for blockchain to revolutionize the financial system and wanted to offer innovative solutions to his investment banking clients. Lloyd highlighted the challenges of liquidity and financial support in the industry as major obstacles for fintech companies.

Reflecting on his previous roles, Lloyd emphasized the importance of customer-centricity, citing his experience at MBNA as a key influence on his career. He shared one of his best mistakes, where he showed up to a meeting in shorts and ended up securing a deal, highlighting the importance of confidence and authenticity in business.

Looking ahead, Smarter Contracts plans to launch new product features, digital assets, and partnerships to scale the company further. Lloyd stressed the need for regulatory certainty in data protection and digital assets, as well as addressing the lack of liquidity in the financial services sector as key challenges for the industry.

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