Harvard investor reveals key financial lessons for young adults.

February 24, 2024
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  • Alexa von Tobel wishes she had learned more about investing and compound interest as a child.
  • She founded LearnVest to address the lack of personal finance education and is now releasing a children’s book on money matters.

Alexa von Tobel, a successful fintech founder and investor, reflects on the financial lesson she wishes she had learned as a child. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the compounding of investing and the concept of delayed gratification in relation to personal finance. Von Tobel’s experiences with money in her own childhood led her to found LearnVest and, most recently, to write a children’s book with Rebel Girls on money matters.

Von Tobel believes that teaching kids about delaying gratification and making smart choices with money is a crucial skill set to have for life. By learning how to make their money work for them, children can develop healthy money habits and view money as a powerful tool for achieving their goals. She hopes that her book will empower children to take control of their finances and lead them to success in the long run.

Overall, Alexa von Tobel’s insights highlight the importance of early financial education and the positive impact it can have on children’s lives in shaping their future financial well-being.

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