Watch out Financial infidelity can destroy your savings, warns Suze Orman.

February 18, 2024
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Finance Article Summary


  • 42 percent of US adults have kept financial secrets from their partner
  • Finance guru Suze Orman warns of the rise in ‘financial infidelity’ among couples

It’s important for partners to be transparent about their finances to prevent ‘financial infidelity,’ according to personal finance guru Suze Orman. She highlights the negative impact of partners lying about spending habits, particularly affecting women. Orman advises that all women should consider signing a prenuptial agreement, regardless of income level. She emphasizes the significance of financial transparency in relationships and the potential consequences of financial secrets, citing real-life examples of couples facing divorce due to hidden financial issues.

Orman also discusses the importance of legal representation and careful considerations in divorce settlements, urging women to prioritize financial security when making decisions. She emphasizes the value of starting fresh after a divorce and making informed choices about asset distribution. The article stresses the rising trend of ‘financial infidelity’ and the need for open communication and legal protection in financial matters within relationships.

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