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February 25, 2024
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  • Oregon voters are cynical about state politics and open to government reforms including campaign finance limits and open primaries.
  • Respondents supported campaign finance reform and open primaries, while remaining skeptical of other ideas.

Oregonians express distrust in state government and show support for changes such as campaign finance limits and open primaries, according to a report by the Oregon Values and Beliefs Center based on two surveys conducted in 2023. The majority of respondents feel their community is on the wrong track and are in favor of a bigger government providing more services, despite also perceiving the government as wasteful and inefficient. The report highlights the desire for campaign finance reform, with 75% of respondents agreeing that the state should regulate money in political campaigns, particularly as Oregon is one of the few states without limits on campaign contributions. Respondents also support the idea of open party primaries, with 63% believing the two major parties should open their primaries to non-affiliated voters, even though most legislative races are currently decided in primaries that only registered Republicans and Democrats can vote in.

Furthermore, the survey found that Oregonians are open to changes in the electoral system, with more than a third supporting ranked-choice voting to ensure that candidates win with a majority of votes. The report reflects a general sentiment of distrust towards the current political system and a willingness to explore reforms that may lead to fairer and more representative elections.

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