London Capital & Finance operating ‘Ponzi’ scheme, court says.

February 19, 2024
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  • London Capital & Finance was found to have run a ‘Ponzi’ scheme.
  • Court proceedings revealed the fraudulent activities of the company.

The court case surrounding London Capital & Finance has revealed that the company operated a ‘Ponzi’ scheme, defrauding investors of millions of pounds. The scheme involved misleading investors by promising high returns on bonds that were actually invested in high-risk ventures without their knowledge. The court proceedings uncovered the extensive efforts made by the company to cover up their fraudulent activities, including falsifying documentation and misleading investors about the true nature of their investments.

Key elements of the case include:

  • London Capital & Finance operated a fraudulent ‘Ponzi’ scheme.
  • Investors were misled about the nature of their investments.
  • The company engaged in extensive efforts to cover up their fraudulent activities.
  • Court proceedings have shed light on the deceptive practices of the company.

Overall, the court case has brought to light the extent of the deceitful practices of London Capital & Finance, highlighting the importance of due diligence and transparency in investment opportunities.

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