LHV Bank powers up with ChatGPT Enterprise for employees.

March 18, 2024
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  • LHV Bank has deployed ChatGPT Enterprise for all employees, aiming to utilize AI for operational efficiencies.
  • CEO Erki Kilu sees potential for ChatGPT to increase automation and efficiency across all aspects of operations.

LHV Bank, a UK licensed bank, has adopted ChatGPT Enterprise to provide unlimited access to the OpenAI tool for all employees. CEO Erki Kilu expressed excitement about the potential of ChatGPT across the organization, noting its ability to serve as a personal assistant, sparring partner, creative collaborator, and trusted advisor. The deployment of ChatGPT Enterprise is seen as a step towards increasing automation and efficiency across operations, as well as building new customer solutions.

Adopting the ChatGPT Enterprise edition offers advantages such as improved interaction quality, greater customization options, and advanced data handling. LHV Bank is working with OpenAI to implement ChatGPT Enterprise, including supporting champion users and educating all employees on the benefits and applications of AI. The bank plans to hire dedicated AI engineers to help colleagues realize their ideas of adopting AI in day-to-day processes.

Overall, the adoption of ChatGPT Enterprise by LHV Bank signifies a strategic move towards leveraging AI for operational efficiencies and enhancing customer solutions within the organization.

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