Level Up Your Banking: 5 Lessons from iGaming for Fintech

January 16, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: Gamification is an effective strategy for improving customer experience and increasing engagement in the banking and fintech sectors. Banks and fintechs have used techniques such as lotteries, prize draws, and leaderboards to gamify their products and services. However, there is still room for innovation and improvement in this area. Fintechs and banks can learn from the iGaming industry, which has successfully used gamification to keep users engaged and invested. By incorporating challenges, progress tracking, and rewards into their offerings, fintechs can make financial management more interactive and appealing. Other key learnings from the iGaming industry include the use of personalized content and AI to optimize user experiences, as well as the importance of adapting to user preferences. In an increasingly competitive digital space, gamification will be crucial to maintain competitiveness and improve customer retention and revenues.

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