Kune: Where Finance Meets Sustainability

February 28, 2024
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Key Points:
– New consultancy Kune founded by Jeroen Bollen focuses on finance, sustainability, and coffee agribusiness
– Kune’s aim is to bring together stakeholders to achieve equitable progress in the coffee industry

A new consultancy called Kune, founded by Jeroen Bollen, is bringing finance and sustainability together in the coffee industry. Kune, which takes its name from the Esperanto word for “together,” aims to connect stakeholders to achieve equitable progress economically, environmentally, and socially in the coffee sector.

Bollen, with over two decades of experience in social lending, cooperative management, and sustainable development in the coffee industry, has launched Kune in Costa Rica. His expertise in various aspects of the coffee business, including producer perspectives, finance, and import processes, positions him uniquely to support smallholder coffee farmers and boost sustainability efforts in the industry.

One of Kune’s first projects is in collaboration with Rabobank’s Acorn initiative, supporting smallholder farmers transitioning to agroforestry systems in Costa Rica. Bollen’s goal for Kune is to be a bridge between different stakeholders, cultures, and interests in the coffee industry, emphasizing sustainability, business models, and finance to drive positive impact and sustainability efforts.

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