Kevin Morris: Hunter Biden’s financial patron, with countless faces.

January 20, 2024
1 min read

TLDR: Kevin Morris, a key figure in the Hunter Biden scandal, has multiple roles and identities that have been brought into question. He is both a Democratic donor and a lawyer, and his financial support and legal advice to Hunter Biden have raised ethical concerns. Lawyers are not supposed to personally pay the bills of their clients, according to the California Bar Rules, and a new bar complaint has been filed by a conservative legal group against Morris. Morris has been described as a “rule-breaker” and his relationship with Hunter is seen as eyebrow-raising. Furthermore, Morris’s financial assistance to Hunter, including reportedly paying off his unpaid taxes and supporting his lavish lifestyle, could be considered an unreported campaign donation. It is unclear whether the millions of dollars provided by Morris were loans or gifts, but if they were gifts, they could create a tax problem for Hunter. There are also questions about the art purchases made by Morris on behalf of Hunter. The inflated prices for the art could be seen as direct or indirect payments for the loans, but the details of these purchases and loans are unknown. Morris is now reportedly supporting a new movie about Hunter Biden, which many believe will shape public opinion in Washington. The question remains as to who would play Morris in this multifaceted narrative.

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