Fintech Built introduces new financial product for real estate developers.

March 25, 2024
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Article Summary


  • Built expands its platform to real estate developers with a new financial management product
  • The new product simplifies budget management, compliance, invoice collection, and payment processes

Built, a software platform for real estate, is launching an expansion to meet the specific needs of real estate owners and developers. The new product aims to address challenges in managing project budgets, compliance, and payments that have plagued the industry for decades. Built integrates budget management with compliance and payables workflow, simplifying the draw request process to a single click. The company’s CEO, Chase Gilbert, emphasizes the importance of improving how money flows through the construction industry.

With nearly 300 lender relationships, Built has developed expertise in construction finance processes and compliance requirements. This positions the company to understand owners’ needs and facilitate faster exchange of information and money for project advancement. Investors like Josh Raffaelli, Managing Partner at Brookfield Growth, are excited about the potential of Built’s innovative approach to real estate development and construction management.

The partnership between Built and Brookfield Growth marks a significant step in transforming real estate development for more effective project delivery. Built’s unique product advantages for owners and developers, along with its established lender network, set the stage for streamlined communication, accountability, and faster money movement down the value chain.

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