Discover TransUnion’s OneTru AI-powered platform in Fintech Nexus Newsletter.

March 15, 2024
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  • TransUnion has launched a new AI-powered data analytics platform called OneTru for banks and fintechs.
  • OneTru offers four key layers including data management, identity, analytics, and delivery.

In a recent Fintech Nexus Newsletter, it was announced that TransUnion has unveiled a new data analytics platform called OneTru. This platform is designed to provide AI and ML tools to banks and fintechs to address credit, anti-fraud, and marketing needs. OneTru consists of four key layers including a data management layer, identity layer, analytics layer, and delivery layer. The platform leverages the AI technology from Neustar, which was acquired by TransUnion in 2021. Tim Martin, Chief Global Solutions Officer, believes that OneTru will provide a global chassis for deploying products in a cost-effective and compliant manner. The main goal of OneTru is to create a more complete and persistent picture of consumers. The new platform has been well-received in the industry and is expected to be a game-changer for customers.

Additionally, in the newsletter, it was discussed whether AI could have prevented the SVB crisis, with insights from various experts. Other news in the newsletter included updates on banking apps falling short on fraud protections, a partnership between FirstBank and High Circle for banking products for the wealthy, and more. The newsletter also highlighted other fintech developments such as GoCardless acquiring Nuapay, Klarna introducing open banking settlements in the UK, and the latest trends in gold and bitcoin investments. Overall, the newsletter provided a comprehensive overview of the latest fintech advancements and trends in the industry.

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