Bill mandates high school students to take financial literacy class.

February 27, 2024
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  • Assembly Bill 2927 introduced to require financial literacy class for high school students in California.
  • Course aims to educate students on personal finance to make smart money decisions.

Assemblymember Kevin McCarty has introduced Assembly Bill 2927 in California, which will mandate high schools to offer a one-semester financial literacy course as a graduation requirement. This course is aimed at providing students with necessary knowledge on personal finance to make informed decisions in adulthood. The Tyton Partners report suggests that students benefit significantly from such courses, with an estimated lifetime benefit of $127,000. The bill will go into effect in the 2026-2027 school year, with students required to complete the course to graduate.

Financial literacy is highlighted as an essential skill for students, especially given the prevalence of credit card offers that can lead to debt. By equipping students with financial knowledge early on, the bill aims to positively impact economic development and secure future generations’ financial stability. Overall, the bill is seen as a significant investment in the state’s future, empowering students with the tools necessary for financial independence.

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