Bedford Town Council talks campaign finance reporting in meeting.

February 17, 2024
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Key Points:

  • Bedford Town Council discusses campaign finance reporting in the interest of transparency
  • The council is considering pursuing an ordinance to set thresholds for reporting campaign finances

In a recent meeting, the Bedford Town Council deliberated on the possibility of implementing an ordinance for campaign finance reporting. This discussion stemmed from the Virginia Campaign Finance Disclosure Act of 2006, which requires filing campaign finance reports with the local registrar by candidates, campaign committees, and political action committees. The council is exploring the option of adopting an ordinance to enhance transparency within the town’s leadership.

During the meeting, Town Attorney Michael Lockaby highlighted that the town has the flexibility to establish reporting thresholds through an ordinance. Councilor Stacey Hailey expressed support for transparency, particularly after the recent busy election season where all seven seats on council were contested. He believes that implementing an ordinance could be beneficial for keeping the public informed about campaign finances.

Mayor Tim Black emphasized that the proposed ordinance would only apply to candidates who accept donations and raise funds for their campaigns. This move aims to provide visibility into the financial contributors supporting candidates, promoting transparency in local elections. While the council did not take immediate action on the matter during the meeting, it is expected to revisit the topic in the upcoming sessions.

Overall, the discussion revolved around the importance of transparency in campaign finance reporting, with council members acknowledging the significance of disclosing financial contributions to the public. The potential ordinance, if enacted, could serve as a mechanism to promote accountability and openness in local politics.

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