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January 18, 2024
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  • Microsoft is planning to shut down its MSN website and transfer its content and apps to Microsoft News.
  • Microsoft News will be available through various platforms, including Microsoft Edge, Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices.

In a move to streamline its operations and refocus its efforts, Microsoft has announced plans to shut down its long-standing MSN website and transfer its content and apps to Microsoft News. This move will enable Microsoft to consolidate its news offerings and enhance the user experience across multiple platforms.

Microsoft News will be accessible through Microsoft Edge, Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices. This unified news platform aims to deliver high-quality, reliable news from trusted sources to the users seamlessly. By integrating its news content with the existing Microsoft News app, Microsoft seeks to provide a consistent reading experience for its users across various devices.

The transition from MSN to Microsoft News will result in the decommissioning of the MSN website in all regions except for China on June 30th, 2021. However, the Microsoft News app will continue to be available and will bring together news from MSN, the new Microsoft News site, and more than a thousand publishing partners worldwide.

The Microsoft News app, which is currently available in over 180 countries, offers breaking news alerts, personalized news feeds, and a wide range of topics including politics, business, entertainment, and sports. The app also allows users to follow their favorite publications, save articles for offline reading, and engage in discussions on various topics.

By combining MSN’s content and apps with the Microsoft News app, Microsoft expects to provide its users with a more tailored and comprehensive news experience. The transition will also enable Microsoft to leverage its artificial intelligence capabilities to curate news stories and enhance the discoverability of content, resulting in more personalized news recommendations for users.

The decision to shut down the MSN website comes as part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to invest in AI-powered experiences and improve the delivery of news content. Today, Microsoft News delivers content to more than 500 million monthly active users worldwide and aims to become one of the leading sources of news and information globally.

In conclusion, Microsoft’s plan to consolidate its news offerings by transitioning from the MSN website to Microsoft News demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing users with a seamless, personalized news experience. By leveraging its AI capabilities and expanding its reach across various platforms, Microsoft aims to become a trusted source of high-quality news for millions of users worldwide.

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